About the company

Perfekta is situated in Arvika, heart of Värmland.

In our production facility of 9,500 square meters, we employ about 60 employees. We believe in long-term relationships and as a complete supplier, we take overall responsibility for the entire chain from drawing to delivery of finished product.

We are proud of all our collaborations with our customers, who are all world leading in their respective segments.

Quality Policy

Perfekta shall manufacture and deliver products that correspond to the customer's expectations according to drawings, specifications and agreements.

Delivery must be made in the right quantity, at the right time and with the right quality.

Perfekta shall strive to be one through continuous improvement zero error provider.

We must be characterized by good relations internally, with customers, suppliers, authorities and other stakeholders.

Internally and externally, we must show respect for each other.

Environmental policy

Perfektas operations must be characterized by an active environmental commitment. The goal of our environmental work is a long-term sustainable development of ours habitat. The business must focus on the least possible resource extraction and environmental impact. This should give us a continuous improvement of ours processes.

Prevention; by preventing unwanted environmental impact and attack the problems at the source as well as increase our awareness and constantly improve our methods for this.

Follow legal requirements; by always having updated laws, ordinances and regulations from municipalities and authorities.

Machine parl


HAAS EC-400 6 palettesX=559mm, Y=635mm, Z=559mm
MAZAK FH-6800 20 palettesX=1050mm, Y=900mm, Z=980mm
MAZAK FH-6800 2 palettesX=1050mm, Y=900mm, Z=980mm
MAZAK Nexus 6800 6 palettesX=1050mm, Y=900mm, Z=980mm
MAZAK H-500/50 6 palettesX=710mm, Y=650mm, Z=650mm
3x MAZAK H-630N 6 alt 2 palettesX=1000mm,Y=800mm, Z=750mm
MAZAK FH-580/40 2 palettesX=710mm, Y=610mm, Z=660mm
MAZAK FH-480 2 palettesX=560mm, Y=610mm, Z=560mm
2x MAZAK FH-6000 2 palettesX=800mm, Y=800mm, Z=880mm
2x NIIGATA SPN 40 2 palettesX=600mm, Y=580mm, Z=560mm
2x MAZAK V 515N 2 palettesX=1050mm, Y=510mm, Z=560mm
MORI SEIKI SV-500/50B 2 palettesX=1020mm, Y=510mm, Z=510mm
MICRON VCE 500X=508mm, Y=406mm, Z=508mm
YANG EAGLEX=600mm, Y=410mm, Z=510mm
2x HAAS S MINIMILLX=406mm, Y=305mm, Z=254mm


2x MORI SEIKI SL-25AØ230×550mm. Max swing Ø520mm
MORI SEIKI SL-25BØ260×530mm. Max swing Ø520mm
MAZAK MICRO TURNØ210×530mm. Max swing Ø380mm
MAZAK NEXUS 200Ø350×538mm. Max swing Ø610mm
2x MAZAK NEXUS 200MYØ350×538mm. Max swing Ø675mm
MAZAK SMART 200Ø353×538mm. Max swing Ø660mm
Boehring VDF 250 cmØ480×2000mm. Max swing Ø550mm

Measuring machines

BROWN SHARPE XCEL 7107X=800mm, Y=1600mm, Z=690mm
BROWN SHARPE SCIROCCOX=900mm, Y=1000mm, Z=700mm